11月22日 2009

【Android】Graphical Battery Stats Monitor released.

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This application has useful capabilities for whom cares battery life of your phone. Such as,

  • Saves history of installation / uninstallation of apps, and show how them affect to your battery life graphically.
  • Battery life is recorded by 3 situations. how battery burns while phone sleeping, while phone screen on(maybe you are using something) and 24-hours.
  • Check how fine your phone’s battery is, compared to same model used by other user in the worlds.Displayed with distribution chart.

  • Graph displayed upside shows battery draining pace at some points. Lator point displayed on the left. Yellow line shows pace when screen are blacked out, blue line shows pace when screen is turnning on, and red line shows pace without considering screen status(24 hours without charging). If point is not displayed(when graph cut along the way), it means device couldn’t collect enough amount of data.
  • Application icon displayed downside show which application(s) is installed at the point. Upper two lines shows installed app, another two lines shows uninstalled app. If more than two app are modified, the text “more…” will be displayed. Tap the icon to see detail of the application or modify them.
  • The inclination of the line shows how installed/uninstalled application displayed below affect the pace of draining battery.
  • So this graph and icons indicates that Motion Launcher() drains a lot of battery when screen is tunrning on, Automatic Task Killer() prevents battery draining when screen is blacked out.

How to use:

After install and launch, it starts recording battery draining pace and what application is newly installed or uninstalled. So “How fast battery burning, when phone sleeping, waking and 24 hours” and “which app are new during the period of time” are recorded in sets, and it is called a “session”.

If you install or uninstall other app, the session will be end. And it starts new session again.

But, to prevent recording uncertain data, a session has a condition to be visible. If the condition is not permitted, the session will never be visible. The conditions is 3 hours passed over since last installing/uninstalling app without a period of time you charge the phone.

If you install or uninstall app within the time period, installed/uninstalled app are put together to last session. So you will be a little harder to know exactly which of them affect the battery. If you want to know accurate pace of draining, use your phone the way you’ve always done it with no installation/uninstallation at least 24 hours.

After permitting the condition, the session will be visible in the graph and stats page.

Use effectively

After you see the graph after some period of time passed and sessions recorded, you would consider,

  • When the graph shows some newly installed application drains battely fast when phone sleeps, terminate it with some Task Manager app manually or uninstall.
  • The pace of your phone’s battery burning seems to be fast according to the distribution chart, hard reset the device or purchase the new battery.
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Wow what a great read, hard to believe its come so far.

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